Items shown in pictures may differ in size and color from actual merchandise.  Each item is unique in color, and no two fur items are identical.

(NOTE: Please read Disclaimer before Ordering.)

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Leather Fox Fur Gloves

 *Cashmere Feel Acrylic Knit Lining.

*Available in (S,M,L)

$80.00 + Shipping


Leather with Mink Fur Gloves *Cashmere Feel Acrylic knit Lining

*Leather and Fur available in Black or Brown (S, M, L)

$90.00 + Shipping


All Fur Mink Massage Mitten

Especially lined interior

Fur Massage Has Lasting Benefits:
Studies show that fur massage leaves the skin glowing and rejuvenated with energy. Customers include massage therapists and holistic spas that use Mink Massage Mittens to melt away tension and stress.


$250.00 + Shipping



Fox & Mink Wrist Cuffs (Velcro closure)  

Aprox 12" L x 4" W

*Price higher for Mink *Available in many shades

$85.00 + Shipping


Beautiful Slap-on Fox Wrist Cuffs (Most popular, No need for Velcro anymore)

Click on pictures to read instructions.

Aprox 12" L x 4" W

$95.00 + Shipping



Beautiful elasticized fabric Fox Wrist Cuffs 

Aprox 12" L x 4" W


$80.00 + Shipping




Mink Barrel Muff

*Available in Black,  Brown, or White  

*Inside Pocket with Zipper

*Inside Lining and Goose Down Insulation:          
Width: 10" 
Circumf.: 24"

*One Size Fits All

$450.00 + Shipping



Fox Barrel Muff 

(All Shades)

*Inside Pocket with Zipper

*Inside Lining and Goose Down Insulation

Width: 12" 
Circumf.: 25"

*One Size Fits All

$400.00 + Shipping


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